Mets as the spoiler team in 2012?

I logged into my Twitter account this morning and saw this happy little story in my timeline. My first thought was, “Whatever these people are smoking, I want some of it.”

Then, I really thought about it. I had also read that if everything had gone in favor of the Mets, they could win 94 games. And the Mets need more help than the Jets did during that last game against the Dolphins.

But, Ted Berg admits that nothing ever goes right for the Mets and they don’t have a lot of flexibility for when it doesn’t go right.

Speaking realisitically, the Mets will be lucky if they win 70-75 games this season. I think most fans would deem a .500 effort a successful season by all means, even if we had to win one-lose one in order to do it.

But even though the Mets have gotten considerably worse compared to the rest of the division, it doesn’t mean that the bad guys still can’t play a few meaningful games. Just because the team has written themselves off before the season starts, it doesn’t mean that the guys on the field don’t have fight in them. Sure, it’s September and the season’s a crapshoot, but wouldn’t Mets fans love to be the team that knocks someone out of the playoffs for a change? Maybe even the Phillies? Or the Marlins?

But unfortunately, I am not Miss Cleo. None of us are…except for, well, Miss Cleo. We can’t predict how the season is going to go for the other teams within the division or the league. The Mets can only go out there and be the best team that they can be and not freaking give up in the middle of August when the team inevitably trades David Wright in order to save $16 million. Baseball doesn’t work that way.

I think the Mets can be that spolier team this season. They’re not gonna win 94 games, but hopefully, they can break some hearts along the way…as long as they’re not the hearts of their own fanbase.

It’s not over until there are no more playoff spots to be had. Until it’s mathematically impossible for the Mets to make the playoffs, I expect them to play their hardest. Is that so much to ask?


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